A Caldera Studios Production

Show art by Caitlin Hoilman

Dr. Edison Tucker is having a very weird life. Not being able to die tends to color things that way. Luckily, the strange and unusual is something of her specialty, and Ed’s set her sights and wunderkind grant money on the strangest town in America: Jerusalem, Oregon. She’ll certainly get her EMF Meter’s worth. Between an eccentric housemate, quirky townsfolk, and the mysteries lurking just beyond the tree line, Ed’s going to find the answers she’s been searching for. She just might not be ready for what finds her.








  • Kit Addams (they/them)

  • Kit Addams is a sensitivity reader regarding topics of disability. They are an enthusiast of ginseng ficus trees, various rodents, and fiction podcasts.

  • Lucy Brown (she/her)

  • Lucy Brown is a twenty one year old Theatre student from California pursuing a career in script coordination and screenwriting. She is the co-host of gross-out educational podcast You Disgust Me. Lucy is the voice of Molly Dane and the show’s Script Editor.

  • Cherish Dean (she/her)

  • Cherish Dean, the voice of Vice Principal Sier, is a student currently based in Ann Arbor, MI studying organizational studies and writing. With a lifelong interest in video games and writing, she's currently trying her hand at twine stories, but voice acting is another interest she just can't pass up. A renaissance woman skewed towards the arts, she's always driven to learn and experiment!

  • Charleston “Charles” Eris (he/him)

  • Charleston Eris is the co-writer of the first season of Where The Stars Fell, which is also his first experience writing for an audio drama. He resides in the Pacific Northwest, and looks forward to applying the skills he gained while writing for the show in other fields.

  • Max Fleischhacker (he/him)

  • Max Fleischhacker is an actor, voice actor, and musician known for his large repertoire of accents and musical instruments. He is often found acting on the stage, but has been using his time in the pandemic to appear in a few short films and projects, such as voicing B.B. Tine.

  • Rhys Geistman (he/it)

  • Rhys Geistman is a trans Scottish writer/actor/comedian, and the voice of Linus Wickman. He also voices Finn in Quoth The Raven Queen. He holds a National Certificate in Acting & Performance from Edinburgh College and is currently gearing up to start the next year of this course at HND level.

  • Kiera Gill (she/her)

  • Kiera Gill, the voice of Mama Gabe, is an actor located in Central California. Previous projects include voicing Trinculo in Bakersfield College’s production of The Tempest, and working backstage as a General Technician Intern for Barrington Stage Company. She loves plays, reading, and her cats.

  • Artemis Zara Gültekin (she/her)

  • Artemis Zara Gültekin is the voice of Philippa Coolidge, as well as an actress/voice actress, playwright, and singer, who also loves playing the violin and dancing. She is from Ankara, Turkey, and is currently a freshman at NYU Tisch School of the Arts majoring in Drama, attending Playwrights Horizons Theatre School. She is also currently a Creative Team Member for the theatre company The Virtual Theatre Co. Her love for voice acting began by watching cartoons, has thus far taken part in the audiobook project The Third Eye as Claire, and is currently working on two YouTube animation projects.

  • John Hardcastle (he/him)

  • John Hardcastle is the voice of Thomas Lincoln, as well as a stage performer and Resident Himbo. He has been in a handful of performances and hopes to be in more! You can reach him here

  • Madelyn Harvieux (she/her)

  • Madelyn Harvieux, the voice of Lucille "Lucy" Kensington, is an actor, programmer, and doodle enthusiast. In addition to voice acting, she enjoys puzzles, writing, midnight baking, and spoiling her dog. She is currently pursuing her degree in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota.

  • Leyla Nikfarjam (she/he/they)

  • Leyla Nikfarjam is a student at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, and the voice of Maggie Quince. She shares Maggie's passion for reading and fantasy epics, and thinks that if you like the latter, you should watch Code Geass. You can find her writing here.

  • Tyler Petty (he/him)

  • Tyler Petty grew up in a small town in Arkansas, and has been playing piano for about five years. He’s written and recorded his own songs and sung on stage; now he can add that he has recorded music for a podcast. He typically sticks to rock, specifically prog rock, but loves branching out in his style. In addition to keys, he also sings and dabbles in guitar.

  • Newton “Newt” Schottelkotte (they/them)

  • Wearing more hats than some would say is humanly conceivable, Newt Schottelkotte is the executive producer, sound designer, director, and voice of Dr. Edison Tucker. They are a Commercial Songwriting and Film student based in the Nashville area, and have been crafting audio dramas since their first show, Inkwyrm. Newt enjoys getting outdoors and attempting to be funny on Twitter. You can find their website here.

  • Kyle Street (he/him)

  • Kyle Street is twenty two years old and graduating from Middle Tennessee State University this year with a BS in Theatre. He plays the role of Mike in Where the Stars Fell. He is very excited about the role and hopes to be in similar projects in the future. Kyle says that he feels he can relate to his character and would love to see more of Mike in the future.